GIFT SET English Walnut Coffee Scoop and Lomond Coffee Beans


A gift for someone who enjoys good coffee.

This long handled coffee scoop has been finely crafted in Northamptonshire from English walnut.

Together with a bag of coffee beans roasted by Deptford's Lomond, this would make a thoughtful birthday gift for a fan of good coffee. We also love this as a Father's Day gift.

Each beautifully gift wrapped box contains:

SELWYN HOUSE English Walnut Coffee Scoop
This coffee scoop perfectly measures ground coffee for cafetieres, filters, espresso pots and pour-overs.

Each wooden scoop is handmade by Selwyn House in Northamptonshire from sustainably sourced British timbers, and finished in mineral oil and a vegan wax blend to bring out the beautiful tones of the English walnut.

The spoon holds 7g of ground coffee, and has a long handle that is ideal for reaching right into the coffee pouch. 

Approximate dimensions: Length 16.5cm, Diameter 4cm, Depth 2.5cm. 

LOMOND Market Yard Coffee Blend
A 250g bag of ground Market Yard Coffee Blend from Lomond, Deptford's speciality coffee roasters.

This blend of Columbia, Brazil and Kenya has flavour notes of cocoa, hazelnut, caramel, tangerine and blackcurrant.

Recommended for espresso based coffee.  

About the makers
Selwyn House create functional yet beautiful wooden tableware that doesn’t compromise on sustainability. Every piece is made individually by hand in their workshop in rural Northamptonshire, exclusively from trees which are grown in Britain and sourced in small batches from independent sawmills. In this way, Selwyn House hope to highlight the beauty of British timber and the need to invest in its future. 

Lomond are female-led speciality coffee roasters based in Deptford, South East London. Lomond only work with exceptional suppliers who are not only heavily focussed on the quality of the coffee they supply but also their social responsibility to the coffee farmers.  They pay their farmers very fair prices to ensure small farms can exist within a fluctuating market and helping to preserve the best coffee.