Pottery West stoneware ramen bowl at Land Tales

Building a sustainable place to shop

The idea for Land Tales emerged from a belief that it should be easier to buy things in a way that treads lightly on the planet.  

At Land Tales, “treading lightly on the planet” starts with knowing where a product is made.

There are brilliant things produced ethically and responsibly all around the world, and this should be celebrated and supported.

But Land Tales aims to be a space to bring together a selection of things made in the UK – things that have hopefully consumed a bit less carbon in the journey to your doorstep. 

From this sustainable starting point, our small business has prioritised the environment from the beginning.

Ceramic deer plate by Celia Wood for Land Tales

our responsible approach

Made in the UK

All of the goods and gifts stocked at Land Tales are made in the UK, and we only ship within the UK. This helps to keep our carbon impact low, as the products in our store haven’t been transported long distances on container ships.

Sustainably made products

We gravitate towards makers and small brands who consider the impact of their materials, ingredients and processes.

Everything is produced in small batches, helping to minimise waste. Where products contain materials or ingredients from overseas, we look for makers who’ve sourced these things responsibly and who have sought to minimise their environmental impact.

Supporting makers

Land Tales might be small, but we'd like to play a big role in supporting small studios and makers in the UK. We keep our line-up of makers fairly small, so that we have the space and capacity to celebrate and support each of them.

Reusing and recycling

Our makers care about sustainability, so whenever they send new stock to Land Tales, it's often in recycled or pre-used packaging. We then keep and reuse this packaging. It’s why your order might arrive in a second hand box. But it’ll be beautifully packaged inside!

Planet-friendly packaging

Land Tales packaging is always 100% recyclable, and often compostable. We try to source packaging that has already been recycled at least once.

Sustainable pop up shops

For our pop up shops, we use second-hand fittings and furnishings to minimise our environmental impact. Flowers at our pop ups are British grown and seasonal.

Buying thoughtfully

We buy our stock in small quantities at a time, which helps us to avoid waste. It also means we don’t need storage facilities beyond our little studio, which keeps our environmental impact low.

what's next

We want to do more

If you have any suggestions for steps Land Tales could take to better protect the planet, please do get in touch. At the moment we’re especially interested to hear from sustainable packaging suppliers based in the UK.