SELWYN HOUSE Ash Pillar Candle Stand


A simple and modern pillar candle stand, hand crafted from sustainably sourced British timber.

Turned from a single solid piece of pale English Ash, which is known for its prominent grain, the tapered base means the stand is weighty and stable. 

A gently curved lip has been designed to help keep the pillar candle in place.

Made in Northamptonshire by Selwyn House.


  • Approximately 7.3cm in height and 9.8cm at widest point
  • Will hold pillar candles up to 9cm diameter.
  • Made in England 

Ensure your candle sits securely on the pillar stand before lighting, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

About Selwyn House
Established in 2017 by Sean Best and Ellie Smalls, Selwyn House create functional yet beautiful wooden tableware that doesn’t compromise on sustainability. Their pieces are born from a love of great food and gathering together for simple feasts. Every piece is made individually by hand in their workshop in rural Northamptonshire, exclusively from trees which are grown in Britain and sourced in small batches from independent sawmills. Rather than the tropical timbers so often found in commercial woodenware, Selwyn House choose to use the fantastic hardwoods available right here in this country - hoping to play a small part in highlighting the beauty of British timber and the need to invest in its future.