CLARE SPINDLER Oil Bottle in Pearl


A large bottle for pouring oil, with a glossy "Pearl" glaze, made in East London by Clare Spindler.

The shape is inspired by Victorian ginger beer bottles reinterpreted to reflect Clare's aesthetic of streamlined architectural shapes.

With its pared-back, minimalist form, and a neutral glaze, this oil bottle would fit into a wide range of interior schemes, and would also make a special gift for a housewarming or wedding.

Made at Turning Earth in Leyton by Clare Spindler, the bottle is hand-thrown on the potter's wheel in a stoneware clay, and glazed in "Pearl", a glossy pale white-grey glaze which shows delicate speckles from the oxidation process of the stoneware clay and streaks of a slightly more concentrated grey to add interest. 


  • Made in England
  • Materials: stoneware clay, glaze

About the maker
Working from Turning Earth in Leyton, Clare Spindler creates functional ceramics in stoneware and porcelain with an emphasis on streamlined, architectural shapes. While the majority of her work is wheel-thrown, she also produces decorative pieces that combine thrown and altered and hand-built components, and has recently begun experimenting with atmospheric firing techniques.