GOOD AND PROPER English Breakfast Tea Bags


Good and Proper Tea’s English Breakfast blend was designed for those tea drinkers needing a bit more punch in the morning. 

Taking its lead from the distinctive rich body of Kenyan black tea, and combining it with loyal breakfast favourites Assam tea and Ceylon tea, this whole leaf black tea brews a robust, golden cup - full in body and wonderful with a dash of milk.

Each bag has plenty of room for the leaves to unfurl, which ensures the best possible flavour.

The whole leaf tea bags are 100% compostable, the clear internal bag is made from Natureflex and both biodegradable and compostable, and the outer cardboard box is 100% recyclable.  


  • 15 teabags

  • Packaged in fully compostable and 100% plastic free packaging. 

  • Sourced responsibly from trusted suppliers around the world 

  • Processed and packaged in England

About Good and Proper Tea 
The team at London-based award winning Good and Proper Tea seek out exceptional teas, focusing on single-origin, whole leaf teas where the character is a direct reflection of the area in which it is grown. They work exclusively with trusted farms, co-operatives, partners and suppliers who share their values of quality, sustainability and social responsibility, sourcing from 13 growing regions around the world and always paying well above Fairtrade prices.