POTTERY WEST Enclosed Bowl in Pale Stoneware - Sand Glaze


A refined yet functional bowl with an upper rim that gently tilts inward to protect its contents.

Beautiful on a table and also very pleasurable to hold in two hands. 

Catherine and Matt West developed the enclosed form of this bowl for ramen, but have since discovered that it also works very well for porridge, soup or stew. 

Crafted from a pale Cornish stoneware, each bowl is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel in Pottery West's Sheffield studio, and stamped with their maker’s mark on the base. 

Finished in 'Sand' glaze, which uses red iron oxide as its main colourant to create warm sandy tones with lots of iron speckles, and a glossy finish.


  • Dimensions: approximately 7cm h x 18cm ø
  • Made in England
  • Materials: pale Cornish stoneware clay, glaze

Pottery West make each piece by hand in their studio in Sheffield. Because of the handmade nature of these bowls, there may be slight variation in the dimensions specified in this listing and also variation in the glaze between each piece. 

How to care for your bowl
Wash your ceramics by hand when you can as regular dishwasher use may shorten their lifespan. Avoid placing in extreme hot or cold environments such as an oven or a freezer, as this could cause thermal shock and result in fragility and cracking and/or breakage. 

About Pottery West
From their Sheffield city centre studio, Catherine and Matt West design and make by hand their range of beautiful, functional ceramic tableware. Together with their small team, they use traditional methods of making, creating forms by hand on the wheel and with minimal tools, with glazes mixed from oxides and raw materials.