POTTERY WEST Hand-thrown Stoneware Oil Burner - Sand


A generously proportioned essential oil burner / diffuser with a sculptural form inspired by brutalist architecture. 

This piece has been hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel in a flecked stoneware in Pottery West’s Sheffield studio, and stamped on the base with their maker’s mark.  

Glazed in ‘Sand’, which uses red iron oxide as its main colourant to create warm sandy tones with plenty of iron speckles that appear orange, red and brown.

The lid acts as a vessel for the water and oil, or the wax melt, and is glazed on the underside for ease of cleaning. The base of the burner is gently tapered to create a shadow gap between the base of the pot and the surface on which it sits.  

A beautiful and functional handmade ceramic object for the home.


  • Made in England 
  • Materials: local flecked stoneware clay, glaze
  • Pottery West make each piece by hand in their studio in Sheffield. Because of the handmade nature of pottery, there may be slight variation in the dimensions specified in this listing and also subtle variation in the glaze between each piece.

The inspiration 
Catherine and Matt West went through many prototypes to create this oil burner in 2023. 

They wanted to create a beautiful, sculptural object that performs its function well and offers an alternative to ceramic oil diffusers currently on the market.

Working with the most simple of forms, in which the lid acts as the vessel for the oil and water, they have developed a glazed underside of the lid to prevent a charred surface from the flame of the candle.  

For the hole, which is important for oxygen flow and also access, inspiration came from the architecture of Louis Kahn and his bold Brutalist designs of brick with cut-throughs. 

Gentle tapering at the base of the foot creates a shadow gap between this piece and the surface on which it sits.

How to use
For essential oil: Fill the lid with water and add the required amount of drops of your chosen essential oil. Light a tealight candle and place on the base of the pot. Within 20 minutes you’ll begin to see steam.  

For wax melts: Add the melt to the lid and light a tealight candle and place on the base of the pot. 

Please note that the ceramic burner does become hot and shouldn’t be touched or moved when being used. Once it has cooled down after use, simply wash or wipe the lid with a cloth.

Never leave a candle burning unsupervised.

About Pottery West 
From their Sheffield city centre studio, Catherine and Matt West design and make by hand their range of beautiful, functional ceramic tableware. Together with their small team, they use traditional methods of making, creating forms by hand on the wheel and with minimal tools, with glazes mixed from oxides and raw materials.