JESSICA STREETS Small Ritual Mat - Fine Linen


A little mat, handwoven from fine linen, with delicate tassels at each end.

This mat could be used to display a favourite item in your home, or to perform little rituals that help you to feel calm and grounded. It could also be used for serving a cup of tea.

With a simple design in the natural colour of fine linen, this mat is intended to blend in and be part of your rituals.

Because this is not a mass or machine produced piece, you’ll see subtle variations in the appearance of the weave across the mat, which add to its character. 

About Jessica Streets 
Jessica is a natural weaver and gatherer. Based on the south coast of England, Jessica creates slowly and intentionally crafted ritual pieces handwoven with linen, nettle, hemp or wild silks to ground us and bring part of the natural world into our everyday lives.