LUCÍA OCEJO Ceramic Tumbler in Pale Green


A tall ceramic tumbler with a pale green glaze, handmade in East London by Lucía Ocejo.

This beautiful piece of tableware could be used to serve water, soft drinks or cocktails. We also love the idea of using it for iced tea or coffee in the summer.

The tumbler is glazed in a complex, pale sage green that becomes darker and more olive in certain areas, particularly towards the base where it pools a little more thickly.

Flecks of iron are visible on the rim of the cup, and the base itself is left raw, exposing the grey stoneware clay for a textural contrast.

Stamped on the base with Lucía Ocejo's makers mark. 

Volume: approximately 370ml.

How to care for your tumbler
Wash by hand with warm soapy water. To preserve your ceramics, do not place in the dishwasher.

About Lucía Ocejo
From Mexico City, potter Lucía Ocejo is now based at Crown Works Pottery in Bethnal Green, East London, where she makes her ceramic tableware. Her work aims to reflect the simplicity of the materials available, using a variety of high fire stoneware clays with a specific interest in glazes. To her mind, the magic of ceramics lies between the landscape and the transformative power of fire. She has worked as a production potter in London and supplied fine dining tableware to several restaurants such as Kol, Gold, CAVITA, Popolo, Pophams, among others.