SELWYN HOUSE Mini Wooden Vase made from British Timber


Display dried flowers, seed heads or grasses in a little wooden vase, hand crafted in England from sustainably sourced British timber.

With their natural material and simple forms, these mini vases fit in well with a wide range of interior schemes, whether on their own or grouped together in little arrangements. They're a great way to add a bit of interest to a shelf or dinner setting. 

We have a wide selection of these vases available, in a range of complementary shapes and from various timbers including oak, brown oak, ash and walnut. They range from 8.5-10cm in height, depending on the shape.

We'll select a beautiful vase for you from our range, however if you'd like to choose one in particular, simply get in touch before you purchase, and we'll show you the full range to select from.

Made in Northamptonshire by Selwyn House.

About Selwyn House
Established in 2017 by Sean Best and Ellie Smalls, Selwyn House create functional yet beautiful wooden tableware that doesn’t compromise on sustainability. Their pieces are born from a love of great food and gathering together for simple feasts. Every piece is made individually by hand in their workshop in rural Northamptonshire, exclusively from trees which are grown in Britain and sourced in small batches from independent sawmills. Rather than the tropical timbers so often found in commercial woodenware, Selwyn House choose to use the fantastic hardwoods available right here in this country - hoping to play a small part in highlighting the beauty of British timber and the need to invest in its future.