GIFT SET Homework Candle and Mini Wooden Vase


Looking for some help choosing a stylish gift for someone who appreciates well-made homewares?

We've paired two favourite items in the shop - Homework's bestselling Wood candle, and a mini wooden vase from Selwyn House - to create this thoughtful gift set.

This would make a good housewarming gift, or to mark a special celebration. It could also be given as a modern twist on the traditional fifth wedding anniversary gift.

The gift wrapped box contains:

Homework Candle - Wood
A 180g candle made in London by Homework, presented in a stylish smoked glass vessel. 

Inspired by Wood, one of the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this candle has a scent profile of wood, earth, moss, and green.

Top notes: Pine, Hinoki 
Middle notes: Ho Leaf, Clary Sage, Cypress 
Base notes: Chinese cedar, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vetiver 

Burn time: 35-40 hours

The candle is non GM, palm-free and vegan, and made from a responsibly sourced rapeseed and coconut wax blend.

Selwyn House Mini Vase
A little wooden vase, hand crafted from sustainably sourced British timbers, and hand turned in Northamptonshire by Selwyn House. 

Please note that the vase is made from wood and should not be used to hold water. It is a suitable vessel for dried flowers, seed heads or grasses. 

We have a selection of mini vases from Selwyn House and each is unique, as they are crafted in a range of forms and from a variety of timbers such as English walnut, oak, and ash. We'll hand-pick a vase from the range for your gift set but if you prefer you are welcome to contact us before you purchase, and we'll show you the full range to choose from.

About the makers
Selwyn House create functional yet beautiful wooden tableware that doesn’t compromise on sustainability. Every piece is made individually by hand in their workshop in rural Northamptonshire, exclusively from trees which are grown in Britain and sourced in small batches from independent sawmills. In this way, Selwyn House hope to highlight the beauty of British timber and the need to invest in its future. 

A modern ode to ancient Chinese philosophy, London-based Homework create sensory stories through fragrances that celebrate heritage, balance and nature. Their fragrances align with each of the five elements as found in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.