R RUSSELL Wooden Jamb Dusting Brush


A proper dusting brush, handmade using traditional artisan methods in England.  

With an aesthetically pleasing shape featuring a round handle, this dusting brush is ideal for getting into awkward spaces where dust and dirt gathers, in the home or workshop.

It was originally designed for cleaning window and door frames, but the long, soft bristles are ideal for catching dust anywhere. 

Expertly crafted from timber and natural bristles in Buckinghamshire by R Russell Brush Manufacturers, who’ve been making artisan brushes for over 180 years. 

A beautifully crafted and timeless object, this is a cleaning tool you’ll want to keep out for display rather than hiding away in a cupboard.

About R Russell
From their workshop in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, R Russell proudly hand-make their brushes using traditional methods passed down through generations of the Russell family, who have been in the brush making trade for over 180 years. Now the only brush making firm remaining in Chesham, R Russell specialise in hand crafting artisan brushes used by a wide range of industries.